Digital Transformation of Residence Registration

Yesterday the Ministry of Digital Transformation announced the procedure of electronic residence registration. Last week, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered a draft law On the Implementation of Public Electronic Services for Registration and Declaration of Residence. The Ministry of Digital Transformation declares that this project would abolish certificates of residence registration and simplify the residence registration procedure.

Summary of planned changes:

– The project introduces the concept of “residence declaration”. The declaration will be analogous to the already known registration.

– Registration of residence will result from the residence declaring.

– According to the draft Law, a person will be given the opportunity to declare (register) residence through an electronic portal. To do so, one will need to register on the state portal of electronic services and fill out an application through the personal account, attaching copies of identity documents, housing documents, and the real estate owner’s consent to register. The opportunity to declare (register) residence through centres of administrative state services (CNAP) also remains.

– To declare (register) a place of residence in the apartment / house that is not owned / co-owned by a person the consent of the homeowner is required! We emphasize that the residence declaration (registration) is impossible without the consent of the apartment / house owner. The novelty is that such consent of the homeowner can be provided by signing an electronic application.

– The list of documents to be submitted for registration has been extended. For example, foreigners and stateless persons, who have received a temporary or permanent residence permit, will have to submit a passport and a notarized translation of the passport pages containing their personal data, in addition to the permit.

– The administrative fee rates for registration and deregistration of residence are planned to be doubled, but if a person performs these two actions at once, only one of them will be charged.

– The certificates of residence registration will no longer be the result of the residence registration service. The result of the service will be the notification via phone or e-mail. A Certificate of Residence Registration (or, in a new way, an Extract from the Register of the Territorial Community) will be available only as a separate service. It will also be possible to obtain an Extract from the Register through the electronic portal.

– Some laws will be amended to abolish the submission of certificates of residence registration and to make certain state guarantees available irrespective of a person’s place of residence (e.g. an application for pension or social benefits can be submitted in any region regardless of the place of residence; medical care will also be provided regardless of the place of registration of the person).

– If the place of registration is changed electronically, the state authorities will pass information to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for deregistration and putting on military records.

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Kateryna Zatulko