Guidance On Obtaining an Electronic Visa (E-Visa) to Ukraine

Requirements for an E-Visa to Ukraine

The legislation provides the possibility for citizens of some countries (please see the list below) to apply for a visa online. The Electronic Visa (hereinafter – e-Visa) is issued for a term up to 30 days and is intended for single or double entry only, depending on the visa type.

The application for an e-Visa to Ukraine is made through an online application system. The visa is issued without any visits to the consulate and shall simply be printed out.

The Purpose of Visit


An e-Visa may be issued for:

– business;

– private travel;

– tourism;

– medical treatment;

– cultural, scientific, educational or sport activities;

– foreign mass media staff service.


The application for an e-Visa to Ukraine has to be submitted not earlier than 3 months in advance and not later than 1 working day before the intended visit to Ukraine. The applicant shall attach scanned copies of the following documents:

1. The first page of the passport (or another page of the passport containing the personal data of the holder);
2. Documents confirming the purpose of the entry (e.g. tourist voucher, hotel and flight booking / invitation letter from a private person or a legal entity, investment documents / medical documents, etc.);
3. Health insurance policy (with 30,000 EUR coverage);
4. Sufficient funds confirmation (approximately 1,600 USD per 30 days).

Visa Fee


The visa fee for a single-entry e-Visa amounts to 20 USD, 30 USD – for a double-entry e-Visa. In the event of an urgent procedure, the fee shall be double.

Visa fee is compulsory for all categories of foreigners including children under the age of 6, diplomats, representatives of international organizations, and members of the official delegations of highest-level leaders.

The e-Visa applications are processed within 1 working day in case of an urgent procedure, and up to 3 working days in the usual procedures.

Please see below the list of countries the nationals of which require an e-Visa:

Commonwealth of The Bahamas



Kingdom of Bhutan

Plurinational State of Bolivia

Kingdom of Cambodia

People’s Republic of China

Republic of Costa Rica

Dominican Republic

Republic of Fiji


Republic of Guatemala

Republic of Haiti

Republic of Honduras

Republic of India

Republic of Indonesia


Republic of Kiribati

Lao People’s Democratic Republic


Republic of Maldives

Republic of Mauritius

Mexican United States

Federated States of Micronesia

Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Republic of Nauru

Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

Republic of Nicaragua

Republic of Palau

Republic of Peru

Republic of the Philippines

Saint Lucia

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Republic of El Salvador

Independent State of Samoa

Republic of Seychelles

Republic of Singapore

Solomon Islands

Republic of South Africa

Republic of Suriname

Kingdom of Thailand

Democratic Republic of East Timor (Timor-Leste)

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago


Republic of Vanuatu

Vasyl Cherednichenko