Rules of Isolation

Since March 11, 2020, those crossing the state border of Ukraine may choose one of two options:
1. Stay at the observation space or isolation unit
2. Stay for a 14-day self-isolation term at the place of residence, with the permanent reporting within the Act at Home application.

Through the application, the user reports of the place of self-isolation by sending a photo with automatic determination of geolocation, in order to confirm the stay at the place. The app also provides the option for an Emergency call to the hotline of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, where you can get the necessary information about COVID-19 and ask for emergency help if necessary. The functionality to monitor the course of symptoms is expected with the app.

If a person prefers to stay self-isolated by using the app, the confirmation of this decision has to be provided during the passport control in the state border (by providing the phone number and the address of the expected place of self-isolation). We recommend to download the application and log in before arriving to save time.

Act at Home is available at App Store and Play Market. You can also download the app by scanning the QR code from the information board in the passport control areas. Please take note the Act at Home app can be used only with the Ukrainian phone numbers (starting with +380, and that will be active for the next 14 days).

By following all the steps necessary for the registration, please allow the app to send push messages (the switch to the left of the phone number entry box), fill in the boxes on the place of your expected self-isolation. Please note, you have to specify the location of the place of residence, not the current location.

At the point when you see the question “Are you already at the address of self-isolation or observation?” on display, please pause and show it to the representative of the State Border Guard Service to confirm that you have downloaded and installed the app properly.

Please confirm arrival only when you reach the address of self-isolation, and send a reference photo only when arrived at the place of isolation (at the moment of sending the reference photo, the geolocation will be indicated auto

matically). It has to match the address you specified when logging in to the application.

How is the self-isolation stay monitored by the app?


When a person confirms arrival at the place of self-isolation, the address indicated when using the app while crossing the border, the photo must be taken and sent through the app. The first photo taken when authorized in the app shall be considered as a reference photo. It is with this photo that artificial intelligence will compare the following photos. So please take a photo of your face.

After the reference photo has been taken, the main screen will show the days left until the end of quarantine. The countdown starts at 14. On the last, 14th day of self-isolation, you will see: 0 days left. When the self-isolation period expires, the message “Your self-isolation or observation period has expired” will appear. After 14 days of self-isolation, the Exit button activates, and the user can quit the application and, optionally, remove it.

When and how do I evidence my conscious self-isolation through the app?


Randomly during the daytime, you will receive the request to evidence your self-isolation. Within 15 minutes, you have to take a photo in the application and send it via the app. Artificial intelligence compares this photo to the reference photo and checks the geolocation. The geolocation is fixed only at the moment of sending the photo confirmation. The application does not collect any data, except for this moment. No messages shall be sent during nighttime (11 p.m. – 09 a.m.)

Failure to send a photo, or if you provide a photo of another person or geolocation does not match the location, leads to the verification failure. The app resends another notification, and in the event, a person does not send a photo after the fifth warning, the application automatically sends a verification failure notification to the National Police. Verification fails if the app is removed or the phone registered with the app is inactive.

Please take into consideration that verification failure is the only case when the user data shall be sent to the National Police. In this case, the police will get your full name, location of self-isolation, and the telephone number.

Where can I go during the 14-day isolation term?


Persons staying in self-isolation, except persons suffering from COVID-19, with no care provided to them by other persons are allowed to visit groceries, household stores and pharmacies, medical device stores, located within a distance of 2 kilometers from the place of self-isolation, by using personal protective equipment, including respirators or protective masks without an exhalation valve.

What do I have to do if my card with a Ukrainian phone number remains in Ukraine or I haven’t got it?


If at the time of crossing the border you have only a foreign sim card in the phone, you have to show to the Official that you have installed Act at Home app and stopped at the point where you have to enter the Ukrainian phone number for self-isolation registration. If no Ukrainian sim card, you are welcome to buy at the close shops where available. You have to provide the Official with the information on the Ukrainian phone number that shall be active for the next 14 days and used with the app, as well as the location of the expected self-isolation. These data will be recorded in the information system of the State Border Service.

Please note, you have to activate the app within 24 hours after you have crossed the border. If failed to do so, or made it via the wrong telephone number, the verification is considered unsuccessful, and the notification of such failure is automatically sent to the National Police.

If you have not provided the representative of the State Border Guard Service with the proof the app has been installed, you will have to be transferred to the observation space/isolation unit for hospitalization.

That foreigners who were tested negative by means of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for COVID-19 can be released from self-isolation or observation.

Vasyl Cherednichenko